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Advantages of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is beneficial medical field that used to treat a range of diseases and condition, including chronic pain. It is form of therapy that uses their bodies own resources to heal itself. Whether it be with blood plasma or stem cell, this kind of therapy that combines science and medicine will find ways for the body to heal. Coupled with the advancement of today’s technology, the blood plasma and the stem cell are the factors for this regenerative medicine therapies, and now currently use to treat chronic pain in all joint areas that includes hip, ankle, wrist, elbow, knee and shoulder. Tremendously, this regenerative medicine will focus on repairing the tissue and strengthens the tendons in all joints to minimize the pain or even more possible to eliminate the pain, unlike the traditional medicine that will manage only on the chronic pain through over-the-counter prescription of pain reliever.

Accompanying with a lot of forms of this regenerative therapy at, the body will have the capacity to heal damaged tissues, organs, muscles, heals injury, repair damaged skin and even decreases the tendency to have a diseases.

Immensely, there are three major types of regenerative medicine at, the replacement, that allows the healthy cell to replace the damaged cell in the body, the rejuvenation, that allows to boost the body’s own ability to heal itself and the regeneration, that allows the use of the specific type of cell to restore the damaged tissue. Altogether, there’s a lot of various types of regenerative medicine available depending on the injury or the disease of the patients.

Moreover, there’s one type of regenerative medicine that are undifferentiated cells in the body that can grow and become part of the cell in the area needed for the disease or injury, and that is stem cell therapy. This kind of stem cell therapy is processed by pulling the cell from one area and be transferred to the affected area that needs to be repair. Miraculously, this cells will repair that certain area by forming into a tissue, organs muscles or even bone that are needed to be healed.

Another type of regenerative medicine, to name a few is the PRP or the platelet rich plasma, this type of therapy uses one’s blood plasma to heal the injured area of the body and accelerates the healing process and encourages the cell to grow in that certain area to be healed. The process of this PRP therapy is delicately followed by fragility, as it takes more time to remove the blood and separate into plasma and platelet and injected through the infected area that needs to be healed.

One of the few advantages of this regenerative medicine are increasingly recommended in the management of various type of orthopedic conditions such as reducing the risk of adverse reaction or infections, regenerating tissues aside from pain relief. In addition to science, this regenerative medicine therapy procedures will take only two hours and miraculously return to your activities in a day or two thus making it short for a recovery period. Find interesting facts about stem cells, visit

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